Discriminator DL-2000


UL Certification

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Count well, Catch well and Minimize Reject with Compat size, Powerful, Robust desig, New creation from more than 55 years of experience.

  • Simple Structure Simple Operation
  • Adopted Membrane Switch for Dust and Drip Proof
  • Adopted Full Infrared and UV scanning and Magnetic sensor for higher level of Counterfeit detection
  • Improved recognition and minimized rejections with color scaning technology with CIS Sensor
  • Well designed to allow easy access of entire note path with 2 opening covers thus ensureing easy clearance of jamming and maintenance


Currency USD
Counting Speed 800/1000 per minute
Modes Mixed, Single, Face, Direction, SEPA, SIDI, Free
Hopper Capacity 500 notes
Stacker Capacity 200 notes
Reject Capacity 100 notes
Detection IR, UV, MG
Language Selectable fro 9 Language
Dimensions W 11.8 in * D 10.6 in * H 12.4 in Hopper excluded
Weght 17.2 lbs
Accessories Remote Display